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If you’re looking for fast, short-term financial support to help you reach your goals, we can access a range of bridging loans for businesses and individuals.

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What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan (or bridge loan) is a short-term finance solution that provides individuals and businesses alike with quick access to finance, allowing you to ‘bridge the gap’ between transactions.

For example, if you are still waiting for your house to sell but need it to complete in order to purchase your new home, then we can help you secure the right type of bridging finance to facilitate the transaction.

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How do bridging loans work?

Bridging loans work by providing you with enough funding to facilitate whatever financial endeavours you plan to achieve. That could be buying your dream home before your current one has sold, making a quick investment purchase at auction, or even funding a business acquisition or merger.

They are often secured loans that are held against property or business assets.

A bridging loan is designed to be short-term and to bridge a gap in your financial strategy with a clear plan for its future repayment – this is often the sale of your existing property or by securing long-term finance such as a traditional mortgage.

If you’re looking for short-term bridging finance, our team will connect you to the right people.

Why choose a bridging loan?

With the various types of financial products out there, you may be wondering whether a bridging loan is the best option. It all depends on your current position, how much money you have, what you plan to do and how quickly you need the finance.

Bridging loans are an excellent option for people who need faster and more flexible access to finance, so if that sounds like you, then a bridging loan could be the right option. When speaking to one of our expert connections, they will be able to advise you on whether bridging finance is suitable for your needs and guide you to the best bridging loan provider.

Looking for a fast and reliable bridging loan service? We’ll ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

  • Expert advice from experienced bridging loan brokers

  • Faster access to finance

  • Affordable and flexible repayments

  • Most suitable loan terms

  • Competitive bridging loan interest rates

What can bridging loans be used for?

Whether you’re in the commercial or residential property sector or a business looking for quick financial support, a bridge loan can assist you in various ways.

You may use a bridging loan for many reasons:

  • Buying a new home while waiting for your existing property to sell
  • Renovation or development projects
  • Building a residential or commercial property portfolio
  • Purchasing investment property
  • Funding business acquisitions
Open and Closed Bridging Loans

Regulated vs. unregulated bridging loans

Bridging loans are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. They cover many areas and offer various types of finance options for different needs, all with varying levels of protection.

Our job is to ensure you apply for the right type of bridging finance for your property venture.

  1. A regulated bridging loan is a more secure type of loan monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It protects you and your home from any potential issues down the line. Regulated bridging loans are often used for residential purchases and tend to have better loan terms and rates thanks to their stricter requirements and lower risk.

  2. An unregulated bridging loan is not monitored by a regulatory body, which means less protection. They are typically used for property investments, purchasing land and business endeavours, and ultimately, the people with the experience and means to pay them back quickly. These types of loans do, however, often come with higher interest rates.

Open vs. closed bridging loans

When working out loan terms and exit strategies, there are a couple of options that spring to mind: open and closed bridging loans. Both loan types will require a repayment strategy ahead of time, and this will often be the proceeds from the sale of a current property or refinance with a long-term loan such as a mortgage.

Our team will assist you through the process, ensuring you apply for the most suitable loan type that enables you to carry out your plans.

  1. An open bridging loan means there is no fixed repayment date, although you will be expected to swiftly repay the loan within a generous timeline. It does, however, give added flexibility and the option to potentially extend the repayment date. This type of loan tends to come with higher interest rates.

  2. A closed bridging loan, on the other hand, comes with a fixed date in which you will need to repay the loan. This is usually best when you know where the funds are coming from and only need a short timeframe to make arrangements. This loan will often have lower interest rates.

Regulated and Unregulated Bridging Loans

Our bridging loan service

At One, we can help you find the most suitable loan for your situation.

Our primary focus is on providing a personal service that is fast, efficient and perfectly suited to each individual client. We will get to know you just as well as we know our extensive network of brokers and lenders.

Simply get in touch and tell us about your current situation: are you buying a new home? Purchasing an auction property? Or renovating an old building? Whatever you need, we’ll connect you to the right broker to ensure you get the best deal from the right bridging loan lender.

We work across the sectors, helping individuals and businesses from all over the UK. Whether you’re looking for residential bridging finance to move up the property ladder or commercial bridging loans to expand a successful property portfolio, at One, we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s how our service works for you:

  • Get expert bridging loan advice, whatever your situation – even with a bad credit history

  • Loans secured between £50,0000 to £10,000,000

  • Finance secured within 1-3 weeks (depending on your circumstances and lender processes)

  • Competitive loan terms

  • Flexible repayment options

  • Specialist support from start to finish

Types of bridging loans we work with

Our experienced leadership team works with many brokers and bridging lenders nationwide, including specialist lenders, private lenders and high-street banks. We can provide solutions for many different needs.

Bad Credit

Don’t let bad credit stop you from reaching your goals and growing your assets. We’ll pair you with the most suitable and experienced bridging loan broker for your situation. With heaps of knowledge and expertise, they will guide you to some of the most lenient lenders on the market.

While securing a loan with a bad credit history can be trickier, it isn’t impossible. That’s why our services exist. We’re here to help you confidently apply for a bridging loan and increase your chances of approval.

Property refurbishment

More often than not, you’ll have to act quickly when it comes to property refurbishments. Bridging finance can be a valuable tool for first-time house flippers and seasoned property developers alike. It can provide you with the much-needed finance to ensure a smooth and speedy purchase and development, allowing you to get the property back on the market as soon as possible or start renting it out.

Our team is here to help you secure a refurbishment bridging loan with hassle-free finance options, expert advice and excellent service.

Land bridging

Property developers, investors and individuals who plan to buy land will often need specialist financial support to facilitate the purchase. In this instance, bridging loans offer a fast, flexible and effective source of funding. They can provide the finance needed to fund the land purchase, allow more time for planning permission, or assist with construction costs.

We’ll ensure a thorough and speedy application that puts you in the best place to receive the land finance you need. As soon as the funds are in your account, you can get to work on your project!

Chain breaking

The middle of a property chain is a tense place to be, knowing that certain factors are out of your control and one little hiccup could result in a break in the property chain. With a chain break bridging loan, you can take some of the control back.

Our chain break bridging loan services can ensure you have secure funds to purchase your ideal property while still waiting for your current home to sell. We’ll ensure you get a fast and affordable deal so you have a solution readily available if a sale falls through.

Inheritance tax

While it is difficult when someone close passes away, inheritances often have complexities and tax liabilities that need a timely resolution. Bridging loans can help you raise funds quickly to provide more time and flexibility while handling inheritance expenses.

Our team provides a personal service focusing on your own unique situation. We will handle inheritance bridging finance with compassion and speed to help make the challenging time more comfortable for you and your loved ones.


HMOs offer higher rental yields than other buy-to-let investments due to having multiple tenants, so we understand their appeal to property investors.

But, finding the right property can take time and with investors to compete with, you may have to act fast when you do find the perfect property. HMO bridging finance can provide the vital financial support you need to capitalise on an investment opportunity.

Two businessmen shaking hands after agreeing on a bridging loan

Get to know your bridging finance options with One

At One, we are bridging loan specialists with access to the most ideal finance options that can make a massive difference to your situation. By combining our extensive property knowledge and industry experience, we have helped many clients purchase their dream homes, make successful investments and overcome financial challenges.

We will provide a personal service that is fast, transparent and tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a home mover, an experienced developer or looking to make your first move in property investment, our team will connect you to a specialist broker who can find the right type of loan for your situation. We’ll support you throughout the application process and beyond.

Contact One today and find out how our experts can help you secure a bridging loan.

Questions Asked About Bridging Loans

If you are looking for a bridging loan but want more information before jumping in, please look at some of our commonly asked questions below.

Typically, the cost of a bridging loan will be the amount you plan to borrow, plus any additional fees. There are several contributing factors that go into the cost of a bridging loan, and they aren't always easily predictable. These costs can include the loan amount, lender's terms, loan length, broker fees and exit fees.

We have a wide connection of experienced brokers who can help you determine how much a bridge loan will cost. Working with them will help you understand how much you can afford.

As bridging loans are short-term loans, they are usually offered for periods of a few weeks to 12 months. That said, some lenders will consider a longer-term bridging loan depending on your proposed exit strategy. It is important to be aware of the interest rates when considering a longer-term loan.

There are various ways to set up repaying a bridge loan, but more often than not, you will be expected to repay on a monthly basis. One option is to have the interest 'rolled up' and repaid as a lump sum at a later date once the term expires. This can be useful if regular funds are not available while the loan is running. Alternatively, monthly repayments, including the monthly interest payments, can be made until the original loan is cleared.

Bridging loans are often used by homeowners between selling their homes and buying and moving to a new one. Instances, where this be used, would be where a new home has been found and the current property has not been sold. Or, a property chain has collapsed and the customer does not want to lose their new property so bridge the gap until the chain can be completed.

A bridging loan can typically take anywhere between one week to two to three weeks to complete, depending on your circumstances and the lender's criteria. This can, of course, take longer but has been known to be quicker, too.

Our team focus on providing fast solutions for various bridging needs. We will work through the process step-by-step to ensure you are in a good position to quickly receive the finance you need.

Bridging loans are often used by homeowners between selling their homes and buying and moving to a new one. Instances, where this be used, would be where a new home has been found and the current property has not been sold. Or, a property chain has collapsed and the customer does not want to lose their new property so bridge the gap until the chain can be completed.

As a borrower, you certainly have the ability to negotiate loan terms with a bridging lender and may even be able to score a more favourable deal. However, lenders will always have the final say and may not accept your proposed negotiations.

This is why our services exist. By connecting you to a knowledgeable broker with a vast network of lenders and an understanding of the current market, we can help you secure the most suitable deal with your preferred terms.

Bridging Knowledge & Guides

At One Commercial Loans we like to share our knowledge and expertise on a variety of finance and bridging topics. Please take a moment to read our blog and don’t forget to contact us if you need more help and advice!

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