Bridging loans for HMOs

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    HMOs offer higher rental yields than other buy-to-let investments due to having multiple tenants, so we understand their appeal to property investors.

    But, finding the right property can take time and with investors to compete with, you may have to act fast when you do find the perfect property. HMO bridging finance can provide the vital financial support you need to capitalise on an investment opportunity.

    Welcome to One, HMO bridging loan services

    With over 100 years of collective experience in the property industry, at One, we specialise in providing tailored advice and expert guidance to property investors. Whether you’re an experienced landlord or just starting out, we’ll ensure you’re in the best position to make an HMO property investment.

    We’ll connect you to a specialist HMO broker who can determine your exact affordability and walk you through the costs associated with purchasing an HMO property, such as the arrangement fee, any potential legal fees and interest rates.

    If you’re looking for personal service where expertise meets efficiency, please get in touch today, and we’ll gladly guide you to the best brokers on the market.

    What is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

    An HMO, which stands for House in Multiple Occupation, is a specific type of shared accommodation that houses three or more tenants from more than one household who share amenities such as bathrooms, toilets or kitchens.

    If the property houses five or more individuals forming more than one household, then it will be considered a large HMO property.

    Can a bridging loan be used for HMOs?

    There are many ways a bridging loan can prove helpful when investing in an HMO property, from covering initial purchase costs to facilitating an HMO conversion. They provide short-term funding to help you get started with your HMO property while you await a more permanent financial solution.

    Our bridging finance services for HMO property

    At One, we assist clients in sourcing quick and flexible HMO bridging loans for various ventures, from expanding an existing property to purchasing a ready-to-let HMO.

    Bridging loans for HMO properties

    If you’ve found the right HMO property for your next investment but don’t have the sufficient funds available, HMO bridging finance can cover the gap. At One, we will find the right bridging solution for your particular needs, allowing you to get ahead of the competition and purchase the property quickly. You’ll have more time and added flexibility to source permanent financing.

    Bridging loans to refurbish HMO properties

    Are you looking to renovate an existing HMO? Keeping up-to-date with HMO regulations can require a consistent and careful approach. If you need to carry out repairs or plan to expand an existing property, our bridging loans for HMOs can prove invaluable. We’ll help you secure the additional finance needed to cover various types of HMO property refurbishments.

    Bridging loans for HMO conversions

    Many investors purchase large houses in sought-after areas and convert them into HMO properties to maximise rental income and investment returns. This type of investment requires advanced knowledge, planning, and adherence to local regulations. It can also require substantial initial funding, which is why we’re here to assist.

    Our connections of brokers and bridging lenders specialise in unique purchases, meaning they can help you turn your vision for converting a large townhouse into a reality.

    Why choose One?

    At One, we understand the challenges you face as an HMO investor and offer various HMO financing solutions to solve your problems.

    By connecting you to the most suitable HMO bridging loan broker, we’ll ensure you get ahead of the competition and quickly secure the funding you need to cover any upfront investment costs.

    Our associated brokers have years of experience and a long list of lenders they can approach, including high-street lenders, private banks and specialist lenders. They’ll be able to find you the best HMO bridging finance for your needs.

    Contact us today and tell us about your current investment plans.

    Frequently asked questions about bridging finance for HMO properties

    If you’re interested in finding an HMO bridging loan for your property investment but want to learn more, then take a look at our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with our team, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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