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    Are you looking for faster access to bridging finance for refinancing or buying land? We provide expert bridging loan advice and solutions for all sorts of land acquisitions – whether planning permission has been granted or not.

    Welcome to One, bridging finance for land purchases

    At One, we specialise in bridging finance for commercial and residential property, as well as land acquisition. If you are looking for flexible bridging solutions for your land purchase or development project, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

    To find your perfect short-term land finance solution, please get in touch with our bridging finance experts today.

    What is a land bridging loan?

    Land bridging loans are a type of short-term finance used by property developers, investors and individuals looking to purchase or refinance land. They are a specific type of short-term loan secured against the land you are looking to purchase, offering a faster way to make the sale.

    A land bridging loan is different from a traditional loan (such as a residential or commercial mortgage) in the sense that they are specific to purchasing and refinancing land. They are typically faster than traditional finance methods and tend to have less strict eligibility criteria, making them an excellent choice if you are looking for a speedier finance solution.

    This is what we specialise in at One. So, if you are looking for professional advice and tailored support for your land bridging finance requirements, then our team can find you the best flexible finance solutions to fit your needs.

    How does land bridging finance work?

    When looking to purchase a large area of land, you often need to act quickly. Luckily, land bridging finance has a relatively quick and straightforward application process.

    Our expert teams will match you to the most experienced bridging loan broker who can quickly get to work finding you the best deal on the market. We’ll ensure your bridging loan application process is smooth and efficient from the moment you contact us, right up until approval.

    Helping you secure your funding is our top priority, so once your application is submitted we’ll ensure you are on track for a fast approval. Most land bridging finance can be secured in a matter of weeks – and, in some cases, days!

    Once the funds are in your bank, you are free to get started on your project.

    Land bridging finance has many benefits when you are looking to ‘bridge the gap’ between initial purchase and securing a more long-term finance solution or selling the property. Working with a bridge loan lender, you can set up loan terms with a clear exit strategy that suits your needs.

    What can bridging loans for land be used for?

    As bridging finance experts, we have many years of experience helping property developers and investors secure bridging finance to purchase land to support various projects.

    There are many reasons to apply for a land bridging loan, including:

    • Helping property developers purchase land
    • Bridging the gap during the planning permission process
    • Assisting with property construction

    Land bridging loan eligibility criteria

    Bridging loans for land can sometimes come with more complex lending criteria, which is why working with a bridging finance specialist will put you in the best position.

    The teams we work with are experts in their field and will help you navigate the different lenders’ eligibility criteria with ease.

    Ultimately, the eligibility criteria for land bridging loans will vary depending on several factors, including:

    • The loan amount you are looking to secure
    • How you plan to use the loan
    • Whether planning permission has been granted
    • Your experience as a property developer
    • Your personal financial situation

    Why choose One for a land bridge loan?

    At One, we have many years of experience working with experienced developers, landlords and first-time investors to help them secure the best financing for their projects.

    As bridging loan and short-term finance experts, we’ll guarantee a quick and efficient service, supporting you every step of the way.

    We get to know you and your situation just as thoroughly as we know our lenders.

    With access to a vast range of finance solutions from private banks, wealth managers and specialist lenders, our experienced connections will ensure you get the best bridging loan options.

    Contact one of our bridging loan experts for faster access to the finance you need.

    FAQs about land bridging loans

    If you are looking for more information about land bridging finance, then please take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

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