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    When an exceptional deal comes your way, property refurbishment finance is a short-term loan that can ensure you don’t miss out.

    Refurbishment finance, sometimes known as property refurbishment loans or mortgages, is a fantastic tool for those in propertydevelopment or looking to get started.

    These short-term loans are perfect for property developers with established portfolios but can also benefit first-time investors undertaking their first refurbishment project. If you’re looking for the right property refurbishment finance for your next project, we can help you get it.

    Welcome to One, property refurbishment finance specialists

    At One, we strive to offer hassle-free financing options, expert advice and excellent service. Whether you’re a first-time house flipper or an experienced property developer, we can offer refurbishment bridging finance support for your project.

    Our experienced team has many connections with specialist brokers who are experts in property refurbishment finance. We’ll get to know you and your refurbishment plans so we can connect you to the right broker for your situation.

    We’ll support you throughout the entire process, from your initial phone call to beyond the bridging loan application, ensuring you have a swift and enjoyable experience.

    Get in touch today and tell us about your refurbishment finance needs.

    What is property refurbishment finance?

    Property refurbishment finance is a specific type of lending that facilitates the renovation and development of a residential or commercial property. It provides more flexible and faster access to funding for individuals, experienced investors and property developers to help cover the various costs associated with their renovation projects.

    How does property refurbishment finance work?

    Property refurbishment finance works by providing fast access to the immediate funding needed to carry out building works on properties. It is essentially a short-term bridging loan that covers the gap between purchasing a property and renovating it before you decide on the next financial step.

    Since it is a short-term loan, you will be expected to repay it within a specific and pre-agreed timeframe. This is usually done through selling the property after the renovation works are complete or securing long-term finance such as a mortgage.

    Key points to consider before taking out a property refurbishment loan

    • Sole traders, limited companies, offshore companies, foreign nations, partnerships and individuals can all be eligible for refurbishment finance
    • You don’t need years of experience as a property developer; providing you have a solid exit strategy to repay your loan, your application will be considered
    • You should prepare a strong plan with realistic goals for your property, including costing and pricing – this will contribute to your planned exit and prove you can repay the loan
    • Your ability to repay your refurbishment loan is not income-based, which provides an opportunity to undertake your project even with adverse credit
    • The property cannot be your main residence
    • A valuation needs to take place

    Our property refurbishment finance service

    At One, we provide clients with fast, hassle-free access to property refurbishment finance. We can assist with various projects, including buy-to-let refurbishments, commercial property investments, house flipping and financing the renovations of your own home.

    Whether you need a significant sum of money for a large refurbishment project or a lighter loan to cover decorative work, the team at One can put you in touch with the right financial experts.

    We strive to give you a fully bespoke service that takes into consideration your current situation and your plans for the property. And, with so many options to choose from, we will make sure you get the best loan for your needs.

    When working with One, you can expect:

    • Expert advice from specialist brokers
    • Faster access to refurbishment bridging loans
    • Affordable and flexible repayment options
    • Most suitable loan terms
    • Competitive interest rates

    Speak to an expert today to discuss your refurbishment finance needs.

    Eligibility criteria

    Your eligibility may vary depending on your circumstances and the lender’s specific criteria. Most lenders will assess your eligibility based on the property and refurbishment plans rather than credit history, as this is what the loan will be secured against.

    We’ll help you navigate the complex eligibility criteria before applying for a property refurbishment bridging loan. We’ll ask questions about the property and your current financial situation to help you prepare for the application.

    • What type of property is it, and what is its value?
    • What are your refurbishment plans?
    • How much deposit do you have?
    • How do you plan to repay the loan?
    • What is your current financial situation?
    • Do you have any prior experience in property investment or development?

    Types of property refurbishment loans

    There are two types of refurbishment loans: light refurbishment and heavy refurbishment. The application criteria and rates will differ depending on which kind of loan you need for the work.

    Heavy refurbishment loans

    If the work being carried out requires structural changes, moving retaining walls, or if the property is being changed for use (such as a large house into a multiple-occupancy home), a heavy refurbishment loan will be required.

    These loans are for properties where building regulations or planning permission are required. However, the work is still less than the undertaking of a large-scale development, where a development loan would be recommended.

    Heavy refurbishment loans come with different criteria. A lender may want to see the proven experience of property refurbishment. They will also need detailed time schedules, budgets and costing, supporting documentation and evidence of the contractors you have hired to complete the work.

    Exit strategy (sale of the property or refinancing through a mortgage) is key for heavy refurbishment.

    Light refurbishment loans

    A light refurbishment loan is for funding renovation or decorative work or basic improvements that do not change the intended use of the building, require planning permission or building regulation checks.

    You do not need to provide information on your contractors and can even complete the work yourself. For light refurbishment loans, the loan-to-value (LTV) is usually 85%. You may also find lenders who allow up to 100% of the refurbishment costs to be borrowed.

    Interest rates and costs

    We source the best rates for our clients and charge a capped broker fee based on a percentage of the loan amount.

    Other fees can include valuation fees, legal fees and lender arrangement fees.

    Interest rates are generally higher for heavy refurbishment loans. Whether you are looking for heavy or light refurbishment financing, we will ensure you get the lowest available rate for your circumstances by connecting you to the right specialist broker.

    Get started on your property renovations with One

    As experts in bridging loans and short-term finance, we have worked with experienced developers, landlords and first-time investors to help them secure the best financing for their projects.

    We aim to know our clients as thoroughly as we know our wide connection of brokers and lenders. We can help you access funding solutions from private banks, wealth managers and specialist lenders. Our end-to-end service guarantees support from your dedicated broker throughout the entire process.

    Contact one of our friendly experts today to learn more about our refurbishment lending services.


    If you would like more information about property refurbishment finance, please take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below.

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