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    When a property investment opportunity that is too good to miss comes your way, One Commercial Loans strives to offer hassle-free financing options, expert advice and excellent service.  

    What is investment property finance?

    An investment property is purchased for the sole purpose of financial return. This may be through rental income, future resale or both. An investment property is not the primary residence of the investor, but may be used or inhabited by a family member before sale, or rented on the general market.  Once you have found a great deal, it’s time to think about financing. 

    Financing an investment property has a different set of challenges to financing a primary residence, where borrowers will find a greater selection of conventional loans and financial leveraging options available. Banks require low loan-to-value ratios on investment properties and will often ask for proof of funds before lending. 

    Popular financing options for an investment property include: 

    Bridging Loan

    A fast and popular short-term loan allowing investors to purchase a property when their assets are tied in other ventures. Lenders will place a charge on the property and exit once the debt has been repaid.  

    Portfolio Finance

    A long-term business loan allowing investors to borrow money for multiple properties in one loan. This type of loan is approved based on total rental income and once approved usually held in a loan account, however all future purchases would require approval.

    Mezzanine Finance

    Finance for reducing cash flow requirements and funding large capital share projects.  

    Check out our Mezzanine Finance service.

    Property Development Finance

     A short-term loan used by property investors developing a new property or undertaking large refurbishment on a new property.  

    With a team of expert mortgage brokers and property experts at your disposal, One Commercial Loans will help you establish which investment property loan is best suited to your project, providing trusted advice and excellent customer service.

    What types of investment properties can be financed?

    There are three main categories of investment properties which can be financed:  

    Residential – Family homes, townhouses, cottages…any structure built for residential purposes can be financed as an investment property using a residential investment loan.  

    Commercial – Commercial properties for business purposes carry higher costs due to maintenance requirements, however they also offer significantly higher returns. Large offices, hotels, commercial apartment buildings or retail buildings are just come examples of properties than can be financed for investment using commercial mortgages.  

    Mixed Use – A mixed-use property can be used for commercial and residential purposes, for example a bar with a residential property above it.  

    Not sure if your investment property can be financed? Our team are here to help. Contact our experts to discuss your business and lending needs.  

    Why choose One Commercial Loans?

    We take a personal and precise approach to lending, ensuring you are matched with a specialist broker who is in tune with your needs and individual circumstances. Cutting through common misinformation, we offer a clear and concise service with accessible advice from trusted experts.  

    However complex or niche your circumstances, our decades of experience and core values of integrity and transparency allow us to offer the best solutions for your investments.  

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    One Commercial have over 100 years of property experience. At One Commercial we like to use a “one stop shop” approach, utilising the whole market to support our clients in a wide range of property related finance.Their job is to make sure that they have done the hard work by matching your situation to the right commercial lender and for the best deal.

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